Washington County

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springfieldDistance Drove: 130 miles

The Lincoln Homestead, a search for a tree shaped like a donkey, the Annual African American Heritage Festival (AAHF) and a mess of beer. To say that Washington County was fun would be an understatement. We knew some folks in Springfield, so we spent the evening there after visiting the Lincoln Homestead and trying in vain to find this mythical tree that supposedly looks like a donkey. The locals swear it’s there and that you can’t miss it once you see it, but all we saw were historical plantation grounds (beautiful) and a mess of corn.

Springfield was a buzz for one of their most popular summer events, AAHF, so once we wrapped up on Main Street, we sat down to dinner with several of our closest friends who traveled in from Louisville for the festival. Shopping, eating, drinks and fireworks ensued. In all, Washington County was amazing. Can’t wait to visit Springfield again.

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